Being accountable as an athlete is vital when starting strength training exercises. Otherwise, you put yourself at risk of falling behind on your goals. Here are some tips to get started on changing your daily routine to better acclimate to your desired strength training growth and becoming a better athlete.


Why Is It Important to Be Accountable as an Athlete?


You make your own goals achievable. There’s nobody that’s going to tell you whether or not it’s okay to just go back to sleep and ignore your workout. You’re the only one that can get yourself up in the morning. That relationship with yourself is going to make all the difference in the long haul if you can commit to yourself every day. Now, to achieve that self-commitment necessary, there’s a lot that goes into your daily routine.



Being accountable to yourself becomes inherent motivation. You see yourself slacking one day or another, you feel guilty. This isn’t because you feel like you aren’t getting results. It’s because you’ve committed to a goal and are letting it slip away. There’s something that you want, and it’s right in front of you. The tools are all there. You have to commit yourself to the process and self-motivate to actually grow. This can be accomplished through listening to tapes, watching films on what the best and brightest have gone through to get where they are, and the end result that’s necessary to achieve new heights.



The energy that radiates around your growth process has to be positive to keep you moving. Sometimes the only positive voice you’re going to hear in your fitness growth is your own. Keep that in mind when you are pushing for that next PR, or even just working on planning your workouts for the week.


Learning from the Pros

While you shouldn’t compare yourself to professionals, structuring your path to success around what the professionals do is a fantastic route to faster results. Step by step, take their workout regimens and implement them into your own workout strategies. Then, you can give yourself a real chance at achieving faster strength training results.


Getting Strength Training Results Fast


Set Attainable Goals

Your goals have to be attainable. Chances are, you have some number or ideal body image in your head that you want to have by X time. While that’s a fantastic end goal to have, you have to take steps to get there. Set goals for yourself that you can see yourself crushing. Take it one day at a time, and day by day, you can increase the results you want for yourself. Think of it as climbing a hill every day. Every day you climb a hill, the next one gets a little bit easier. Eventually, you can climb mountains, it just takes time to get there.


Strength Training Exercises for the Right Muscles

Not every workout is going to be focusing on the right group of muscles for the results you want. Luckily, entire regimens are crafted around getting specific muscles the right amount of attention.


To get started on crafting one of those regimens for elite strength training results, give us a call today. We’ll assess your goals and give you a strong plan on how to progress forward on your new fitness goals. We’re looking forward to achieving your best self with you!